Create a Galaxy in After Effects

Create a stunning spiral galaxy in this After Effects tutorials. 

It blows my mind that we have the ability to create amazing things at our fingertips. Virtually everything you see in the world (and beyond) can be simulated using the various tools and plugins included in After Effects. This tutorial is no exception. 

Galaxy in After Effects Tutorial

In this After Effects tutorial I'm going to show you how to create this awesome spiral galaxy effect. The tutorial focuses mainly on using the turbulent noise effect combined with the twist effect to create the galaxy. Along the way you'll hear me tell some pretty lame jokes, but hopefully you'll learn something new. Cheers!

The thing that really makes the effect is the gradient colors and the dust elements. It's these small details that really push the galaxy effect over-the-top. 

You could definitely take this effect to the next level by customizing the arms. I even thought it might be fun to create a two-armed galaxy instead of the clustered spiral galaxy like we created in this tutorial. If you make something cool share it with me and I'll share it out on our social channels. 

Download the Project File

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