Space Presets for After Effects

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Space Presets.jpg

Space Presets for After Effects

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An exclusive pack of 13 handy space presets. Easily drag and drop the presets onto a simple layer to create a(n):

  • Aurora Borealis
  • Galaxy Texture
  • Laser Pulse
  • Lava Planet Texture
  • Meteor Air Blur
  • Meteor
  • Moon
  • Nebula Cloud
  • Nebula
  • Planet
  • Space Cloud
  • Stars
  • Stratus Cloud

Included in the download is a tutorial and quick-start guide to help you create amazing space looks in only a matter of minutes. Installing the presets only takes a matter of seconds. All of the space presets are guaranteed to work in After Effects CC 2012 or higher. Note: The Space Presets can be used to streamline the creation of the looks outlined in the Stellar course. For more detailed educational instruction please watch the bonus tutorials included at the end of each Stellar lesson.