Video Editing

The Cost of Video Editing Certification

Video editing certification is a great way to prove you have the skills needed to get a great job. Whether you're already an established editor or looking to get started in the business, check out our rundown of the programs to get certified.

Wipster Aims to Make Video Critiques Easy for Editors and Clients

Wipster makes reviewing and critiquing videos easy for editors and clients alike. Easy-to-use interfaces and custom to-do lists help make Wipster an interesting option for video editors everywhere.

Quit Crashing Your Computer: Editing 4K in Adobe Premiere

4K footage looks amazing but it can make video editing a nightmare if you don't know how to set up your projects. In the following video by Luke Neumann, we learn how to properly edit and export 4K footage using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Organize Your Video Editing Projects with Smart Folders

Smart Folders are a free way to find and organize your video editing project files on a Mac. In this video, you'll see how and why you should implement them for your own work.

Video Tutorial: Organizing Your After Effects Projects

Organizing your projects is an quick way to make your workflow easier. In the following video by Motion Revolver you'll learn a few tricks for better organizing your After Effects projects.