Studios You Need to Know: CoSA VFX

When was the last time you got chills watching a VFX breakdown? I have to admit, it's been a while for me, but that all changed as soon as I came across this dandy from CoSA VFX. I am truly blown away at how creative and practical the team is at CoSA. The breakdown shows great VFX diversity. From set extensions to full-on 3D worlds they have created a beautiful Gotham world.

So after watching the breakdown above I started looking around on their Vimeo channel and BEHOLD there are more incredible breakdowns just like the Gotham one. Here's one they made for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Look at that friggin' particle work. 

And then I come across this video and realize that the folks at CoSA not only create incredible VFX work, they also have a program for helping first year VFX artists. Just look at this new student work. It. Is. Awesome!

So needless to say CoSA has a fan for life out of me. Go check em out and share the love. They definitely deserve it. They also have a Facebook page where they share their latest breakdowns and behind-the-scenes photos. These people are seriously awesome.

I'll leave you with these gorgeous intro titles and VFX work for Person of Interest.