Ball Bouncing Through Grass in Cinema 4D

A simple ball bouncing through grass...

I've been messing around a bit in Cinema 4D recently. So instead of hoarding my project files I figured I'd share them with you. Hopefully you find this to be helpful. I used hair to simulate grass and a collider tag for the ball. C4D is so freakin' fun. 


Free Meteor Project for After Effects

I was playing around in After Effects and I thought I'd be cool to create a simple meteor scene. There's really not a whole lot to it. Just some simple fractal noise layers, a few bezeir warps, and some stylization. 

After Effects Meteor Shower

I think the hardest part about creating this effect was getting the stratus clouds just right. It took quite a bit of customizing but it is finally where I want it. Feel free to download this free meteor template below. 

Free Earth Destruction Project for After Effects

A few months ago I realized that the majority of the After Effects projects I was producing was just for paid work. This pushed me to do an everyday journey. While I am certainly not as strict about producing a new After Effects project every single day like Beeple (go follow him on Instagram), I usually try to at least get around 3 art pieces done each week. 

earth impact after effects

Today I want to share my latest After Effects project. I put this earth destruction project together over the course of a few days and it was certainly a learning experience. 

That being said I hope you’ll have fun dissecting the project file. My favorite effect is the molten planet wipe away that uses the fractal noise effect and a luma mask. It looks pretty awesome. And it was wicked-fun to create. 

Let me know if you have any ideas for making this technique any better. Maybe with the right tweaking it could be a tutorial one day. 

Ethereal Spikes

I've been messing around a lot with simulating glass recently in After Effects. So as part of my morning art projects I put together this ethereal spike design. I really like how the ball takes information about the scene around it and maps it onto the reflection. Feel free to download this project file, but quick note it uses Element 3D so make sure you have that plugin.

spike ball animation

Liquid Motion Text Animation

Liquid Motion in After Effects

I've been seeing a lot of liquid motion loops around the web and thought I'd give it a shot. The look is actually surprisingly easy to create using a combination of keyframed masks and the roughen edges effect in After Effects. 

Free Looping Factory Animation for After Effects

Factory Animation After Effects.gif

I've never put together a loop before so I thought I'd test things out by creating this looping factory animation in After Effects. Feel free to download the project file!

Free Mid-Century Pattern for After Effects

Free Pattern in After Effects

I have been obsessed with mid-century patterns lately so I thought it'd be fun to put together a retro pattern design. Feel free to download this free After Effects project below.